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Welcome to the website of the De Lezenne Coulander family. This is one of the rarest family names in the Netherlands. The telephone directory yields only thirteen references for the whole of the country. Until a few years ago, the centre of gravity was clearly in Rotterdam, but these days most references are found in the province of Noord Brabant.

Heraldic shield of the municipality of Lezennes The name Lezenne is most likely related to the little town of Lezennes in the metropolitan area of Lille, in Northern France. Lezennes has a population of more than 3000 and a very active website.

The name Coulander also has a geographical background. This name, and the similar Courlander, refers to the former Duchy of Courland, which survives to this day as the name of a region in the Baltic state of Latvia.

The two names were joined by the marriage in 1812 in Rotterdam of Pieter Coulander (from Naarden) with Adriana de Lezenne (from Rotterdam). More...

The senior member of the family is mister C.G. ('Cor') de Lezenne Coulander (1918), who grew up in the old centre of pre-war Rotterdam. After the second world war he lived for more than half a century in the most Northern suburbs (Hillegersberg) of the city. However, In December 2000, he just left Rotterdam to settle in Roosendaal. A new millennium justifies a new start, isn't it? It is rumoured that Rotterdam never fully recovered.


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