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Vincent de Lezenne Coulander, MSc

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Vincent with his diploma On August 31, 20099, Vincent de Lezenne Coulander completed his Master course in Economic Geography at the Faculty of Spatial Sciencies of the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (State University Groningen). The diploma was presented on Friday October 9, during an official ceremony in the Academiegebouw (Academy Building) in the centre of Groningen, witnessed by the exam commission and close relatives.

For his final task, Vincent spent half a year investigating clusters. In this context, clusters refer to businesses, research institutes and educational establishments located close to each other. The close proximity should produce advantages and increased demand for the businesses, which in turn should result in more innovations. Vincent investigated government policy regarding facilitation and stimulation of clusters in six European regions.

"A thesis at the intersection of scientific research and the application of government policy is always a challenge. Vincent has successfully found his way in the maze of cluster literature, foreign policy-papers and institutions. Well done," according to his mentor, Drs. A. Brouwer.

This master study follows on from the bachelor course Social Geography and Spatial Planning that Vincent attended from 2003 to 2007 at the same university.

"Young Vincent managed to overtake his older brother. That is quite a feat," says his grandmother de Lezenne Coulander. "I can't let him get away with that," says Vincent's older brother Jeroen, "Now I had better complete my thesis too!"

After the ceremony, the family enjoyed a festive lunch at a restaurant. The evening was concluded with a graduation party in Café de Wolthoorn.

Vincent can now dedicate all his time to his second master study, Real Estate, that he commenced in 2008. And then awaits the challenge of finding a job.

Vincent with family in front of the Academiegebouw Vincent with brothers and proud parents in front of the Academiegebouw.

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