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1944      20 december      2004

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anniversary couple To commemorate the fact that Mr. and Mrs. de Lezenne Coulander hope to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary on 20 December, a festive meeting took place on Saturday 18 December in restaurant Catszand. in Roosendaal.

The occasion was attended by children, grandchildren and close family members of the couple. Shortly before the start of the event, the postman delivered written messages of congratulations from Her Majesty Queen. Beatrix and Mrs. J.R.H. Maij-Weggen, the provincial governor. of the province of Noord-Brabant.. The mayor. of Roosendaal,. mr. M.J.H. Marijnen, had a framed reproduction of the original marriage protocol of 1944 delivered on the 20th.

couple with children The 60th anniversary couple with children. From left to right: Elly, Nico, Kees, the couple, Maarten, Pieter.

bruidspaar met kinderen The 60th anniversary couple with children, grandchildren and partners. From left to right, sitting: Nico, Elly, Maarten, the couple, Kees, Pieter. Standing: Mireille, Sander, Lia, Ronald, Ilonka, Vincent, Jiska, Jeroen, Jaimy, Marcel, Ans.

Photographs of the orchid plant, a present from Canada, can be found here.

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